photo: Ion David



With incredible weather-made canyons, sculpted through millions of years, the Chapada dos Veadeiros is among one of the most privileged places for Canyonism in Brazil.

Canyoning is a ludic activity, which has various progression techniques like abseiling, swimming, jump, and ziplining. All of it to explore the river course following the waters, dribbling all obstacles like waterfalls, canyons, rapids and wells.

Integration activity that promotes the spirit of unity, ideal to be done by families, incentive groups, and overall integration dynamics.

Canyoning is one of Travessia’s specialties!

We have been Canyoning at the Chapada dos Veadeiros since 1999, and have opened a lot of canyons in the region. Also been one the most responsible and active, organizing courses and expeditions of different technical levels.

We have implemented the ABNT NBR ISO 21101 Norm – SGS-Sistema de Gestao de Seguranca (Safety Management System), also following a strict operational protocol.

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photo: Ion David
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