Canyoning – Garimpão

This activity happens inside the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, close to Sao Jorge Village.

The canyoning route authorized by the ICMBIO is between the Corredeiras and Garimpao waterfall. There are 6 abseiling points and a drop passing by the famous Carrossel.

Before the activity begins, conductors gear up and instruct the group of all procedures and techniques to be used and do one-on-one training with all participants.

First abseiling is at 6 meters, through a dark crack in the middle of big stone blocks. Second abseiling in a small waterfall, only 9 meter high. Third, with 10 meters and we’re at the Carrossel, one of the great National Park’s attractions. Following the river bed there are a few steps and we get to the great Garimpao canyon entrance. We progress swimming in a 100m long natural pool.

We reach the top part of the waterfall where we will descend three steps. The first one is a 5 meter abseiling down a dry wall right beside the first section of the fall where Rio Preto river falls concentrated. This abseiling is access to a small platform, fitting only three people. From this platform, another abseiling down 23 meters on the dry wall on the left side until reaching a big platform where the water spread out on a veil. On this platform, we will go down another 40 meters in a beautiful descent through the middle of the waterfall. There will be different spots to stop and contemplate.

The end of the last abseiling is behind the water curtain platform, where a between the rocks gallery is formed. After putting ropes away, a refreshing and well-deserved swim by the great pool formed down the Garimpao waterfall. We will return by the Park’s trail and walk back to the rapids where we left our vehicle.

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