Canyoning – Farias

The canyon is located at the Bocaina do Farias Sanctuary, in Sao Joao da Alianca. Access only by 4×4 and the support of the concessionaire of the land.

The activity takes a day and involves road transfer in and out.

Before the activity begins, conductors gear up and instruct the group of all procedures and techniques to be used and do one-on-one training with all participants.

Canyoning starts at a 15m abseiling, followed by a 3 meter fall already inside the canyon. Right after, we arrive at the second abseiling – an impressive 20 meter descent inside the narrow confined canyon, the end of the descent is in a natural pool and soon the third abseiling, dropping 8 meters down the canyon.

After all the descents, we will walk inside the mouth, with narrow walls, towering 60 meters high. In some sections, the walls close in, giving the impression of being inside a cave. One of the most exotic and impressive places at the Chapada dos Veadeiros.

After a 800 meter walk inside the canyon we reach the exit – a plateau. Not too far away, we get to the next waterfall where we will be abseiling 50m down a wider throat.

We reach the canyon’s end, where the river runs in a gutter and falls down. We will do an abseiling behind the waterfall and reach a natural pool inside the canyon. We will swim across this pool to find a stony beach where we’ll stop for lunch to start heading back home.

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