photo: Ion David

Waterfall Abseiling


Abseiling is a technique used to challenge geographic obstacles such as: waterfalls, canyons, abisses or caves. The abseiling in waterfalls is called Cascading.

It is an easy and safe activity. Any person can do it without previous training as we coordinate the activity with three instructors located in strategic points for safety measures, helping all participants. Before the activity starts, instructors equip and instruct everyone on procedures and techniques to be used, and do one-on-one training with each person.

We have ABNT NBR ISO 21101 – SGS – Safety Management System implemented and follow a restricted operational protocol.

Taking advantage of the enormous potential the Chapada dos Veadeiros has, we have chosen and equipped some waterfalls for the “baptism” – descent for people with very few experiences in this kind of activity.

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A brief Abseiling back history...

Freely translated, Abseiling in Portuguese is called “Rapel”, a word that comes from the French language meaning “to call”, or “to recover”. It was used to name the widely used technique of going down through ropes in sports like climbing, canyoning, speleology, and many others.

In the past few years, this technique has become a fun activity of itself, even though it was born in sports and even in the rescue zones, where it has been used extensively for crews all over the world.

Abseiling can be done by any person, as long as he/she can overcome obstacles like waterfalls, walls, cliffs, bridges, etc. Most importantly, anyone can do it as long as the activity is organized and conducted by experienced personnel. It is a wonderful adventure that allows the participant to be in deep touch with Nature, since most of the chosen places are waterfalls, canyons, and other geographic formations.

This activity is performed with safe equipment that allows any person fond of this kind of adventure to go down the ropes, stopping during the descent for pictures and especially for some contemplation of the Nature around.

Searching for new challenges?
Enjoy bathing in a waterfall hanging on a rope!

photo: Ion David
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