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Terra Ronca

The Chapada

Terra Ronca State Park is one of the biggest cave sites in Latin America, many of them not even catalogued yet.

These geological formations attract cavers, explorers and tourists from all over the world, avid to know the crystal-clear water rivers that form subterranean lakes and enormous cave domes.

The Park’s vegetation is formed by Cerrado, Cerradao and Forests, making it an excellent habitat for a variety of animal species. It’s a very diverse biology, with 150 bird species and almost 50 mammals in the region and well served in terms of rivers. Five of them make the Bacia do Parana.

Beyond the caves, Terra Ronca also has many waterfalls and a unique set of hills sculpted by the wind and waters over time, making it like a city of rocks.

photo: Ion David

Located in the mcities of Guarani de Goias e São Domingos, the State Park was created in July 1989 and has approximately 57 thousand hectares (approx. 141.000 acres). It houses many limestone caves. A true spectacle of subterranean beauty.

The main attraction is the Cave Complex, concentrating a large number of rare beauty caves around an area of about 40km. Caves like the Angelica, Sao Mateus and Terra Ronca, which the Park is named after.

The formation of this complex is due to the action of the rivers coming from the Serra Geral, gaining volume atop the quartzite mass and ending up forming a series of caves when meeting the limestone mass inside the Park area.

The region holds various cave systems that have in common: kilometric galleries and the magnitude of water courses.

In the complex there are a number of high technical level caves, which are only able to be explored by experienced, well equipped cavers, and others of easier level and access for touristic visitation.

To visit Terra Ronca, the Travessia Ecoturismo team of experts have prepared a Special Itinerary, with a mid-level routine, visiting what’s most expressive.

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