photo: Ion David

Tips for your trip

The Chapada

We have some tips to turn your visit to the Chapada the best possible:

Seasons – The weather basically divides in two seasons:

Dry season – between April and October – ideal for practicing many activities such as bathing at the waterfalls, canyoning, hiking and trekking.

Rain season – between October and May – when vegetation is more exuberant, rivers are higher, good time for trekking, rafting and more.

Stuff for Trails – Remind yourself to bring: clothing for cold weather and light gear too; swimming gear and a nice rain jacket if you’re coming during the rain season, water bottle, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, a hat/cap, mosquito repellent, a backpack and your best mood.

Communication – The cities usually have good cell phone signals, but if you go offgrid, expect a lower connectivity. Operators in the area: Vivo, TIM, Claro. Area Code: 62

Money Exchange – We have only two Brazilian banks available in Alto Paraiso: Itau and Banco do Brasil.
There isn’t any money exchange facility in the Chapada dos Veadeiros. You can either have your cash exchanged while in Brasilia, or another major city before arriving, or you can withdraw money with your Visa credit card at Banco do Brasil.
We strongly recommend you to bring your cash in Brazilian Reais – BRL. No other currency is accepted in the local businesses.
And there is no bank in Sao Jorge Village.

Safety – Always hire a certified tour guide to accompany you during your trips around the Chapada dos Veadeiros. Make sure he/she is registered in one of our two tour guides Associations (SERVITUR and ACVCV).

photo: Ion David

Conscious Conduct in Natural Environments

  1. Planning is everything.
  2. You are responsible for your own safety.
  3. Take care of the places you are going.
  4. Bring your garbage back.
  5. Leave everything where you found it.
  6. Do not make any fire!
  7. Respect animals and plants.
  8. Be nice to other visitors and specially with locals.
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