photo: Ion David



Activities developed inside caves.

The touristic and recreational activity offered is a guided tour inside the best caves of the region, not needing special equipment, besides helmet and maybe a flashlight.

Meanwhile, in Caving Expeditions, it is quite necessary to progress over natural obstacles like rocks, waterfalls and even subterranean rivers. Helmets, flashlights and a specialized conductor are mandatory.

The geological formations attract Cavers, tourists, explorers and common people from all over the world, avid to know these natural beauty, crystal clear water rivers that form subterranean lakes and the enormous saloons inside the caves.

We develop caving itineraries at the Terra Ronca State Park, one of the biggest cave sites in Latin America, some of them not even catalogued yet. It is located in Sao Domingos city, about 300km from Alto Paraiso.

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photo: Ion David
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