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Travessia Ecoturismo

The Travessia Team is made of people who decided to live in Alto Paraiso in search of life quality in touch with Nature.

Our work is our life philosophy. We always seek to provide our customers the very same authentic and unforgettable experiences we would like to have. With the same touch and care, we look to provide fair work opportunities for local communities and sustainable development in regions that would struggle in alternatives if it was not for Ecotourism.

Get to know the people behind our success!

Ion David


Born in Anapolis - Goias, has lived in the Chapada dos Veadeiros since 1991, working with Tourism since 1994.

Community-Based Tourism Technician, Photographer, Canyoner, Managing Partner of Travessia Ecoturismo - The pioneering company in various tourism of adventure modalities in the Chapada dos Veadeiros, such as: Canyoning, Canopy, Waterfall abseiling, Zip Lining, Trekking and 4x4 Expeditions.

ACVCV Member - ACVCV-Chapada dos Veadeiros Visitor’s Conductors Association. Also participating in the creation of the Search and Rescue Team, in 1998.

Develops social inclusion throughout the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park’s surroundings through Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism activities.

Founding Member of the ABETA - Brazilian Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism Businesses Association. Participated in the study commissions that established the Vertical Techniques Product Norms, Vertical Techniques Procedures, Personal Competence Conductors, and SGS-Safety Management System.

Nowadays is also a ABNT NBR 15331 Safety Management System Norm Auditor and Consultant.


Managing Partner - Operations Manager

Born in Olinda, Pernambuco, came to Chapada dos Veadeiros back in 1990 and has been in the Tourism industry since 1997.
Managing Partner at Travessia Ecoturismo, is focused on Operations and overall logistics for the groups and packages.
Is also part of the Vertical Travessia Team (Canopy, Zip Lining, Abseiling), and is also part of the Canyoning Travessia team.

He is also an ACVCV associate conductor.

Mara Rosa

Business Development and Finance Manager

Born in Olinda, Pernambuco, lives in the Chapada dos Veadeiros since 1988 and since 2002 works in the Tourism industry.
Business Development and Finance Manager at Travessia Ecoturismo, she is also Administration and Commercial Manager for the SGS-Safety Management System.
Overall logistics support for solidarity tourism and school field trips.


photo: Ion David

Conductors & Travessia Vertical Team

Travessia has gathered in its team the most experienced Conductors in the Chapada dos Veadeiros, all of which accredited and certified by the ACVCV and SERVITUR Conductors Associations.

Our conductors are constantly trained in first aid and rescue, cartography, history, geology, hiking and vertical techniques, and more.

We have developed vertical activities at the Chapada dos Veadeiros since 1998. Exploring and registering waterfalls and canyons we have formed a unique database of our region’s full potential.

Part of Travessia Team of Conductors is a Travessia Vertical Conductor, participating in canopy, canyoning, abseiling, and zip lining activities.

We periodically train and simulate, complying with international safety protocols. We constantly update the technical quality of the work, raising safety during all activities.

Our Conductors are always ready to act quickly and responsibly when in an emergency, during itinerary changes due to weather conditions, or customer’s requests.

We use what is best in equipment. Regularly revised and tested.

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Meet our team of Conductors


Amana Suria Lima. Chapada dos Veadeiros native. Visitor conductor since 2001, has good knowledge about trails and waterfalls. Mountain Bike lover, adventure sports expertise, zip lining, abseiling, canyoning and off-road. Voo do Gaviao Zipline Coordinator.


Angelo came from Belo Horizonte-MG 32 years ago. He is a visitor conductor for 22 years already and has History and Geography of the Chapada and State of Goias as some of the expertises. Gathers excursion techniques, good for large groups of people, even students. Connects with adventure ecotourism such as: Free diving and snorkeling; Climbing; adventure trails.


Living since 2017 at the Chapada dos Veadeiros, she is a Nature enthusiast. Works with experience tourism and agroforestry, acting for the Cerrado preservation and perpetuating biodiversity species in this Biome.


Brasilia native, lives in the Chapada dos Veadeiros since 2008, and is a tour guide for 6 years now. Expertise in photography and Cerrado ecology, adventure tourism, 4x4 driving skills, speaks English and Spanish. Also has experience in Agroecology, Geology, Canyoning, Trekking and Camping.


Gustavo came from Sao Jose do Rio Preto-SP in 2012 and has guided visitors since 2014. He is a specialist in guiding regular groups of all ages, from kids to elders, as well as long haul trekking. Great overall knowledge about the Chapada dos Veadeiros. He is also experienced in trekking, climbing, rescuing canyoning and fire fighting. He likes to work with all publics, especially kids and elders. Good connection with ecotourism, fauna and flora observation.

Ian Musashi

Ian is native to Alto Paraiso-GO. Is a tour guide for 3 years and is a canyoning specialist, as well as adventure activities as Zipline and Abseiling. He is also good at trekking, bilingual and has good knowledge in Geology. Likes to work on Ecotourism, Holistics, Adventure, History, and fauna and flor observation.


Jair dos Santos Coelho has conducted visitors at the Chapada dos Veadeiros since 2001. Has great knowledge about the trails, waterfalls, fauna and flora. Also gathered experience in 4x4 vehicles during these many years with Travessia.

Marcelo Dias

Marcelo Dias was born in Brasilia and has lived at the Chapada dos Veadeiros since 2012. Has a degree in Tourism and guides since 2013. Has good experience in Ecotourism and specializes in fauna and flora observation.


Marcio comes from Pouso Alegre-MG and has lived in Chapada since 1996. Working in the Tourism industry since 1998, guides visitors in general, photography and a bit of vertical too. Likes Ecotourism and to observe how people absorb what they look for at the Chapada dos Veadeiros.


Mauricio Bolliger was born in Mococa-SP. Guides and lives at the Chapada dos Veadeiros since 2006. Specialized in 4x4 driving skills, camping logistics, expeditions, cooking and cycling. He is also bilingual and connects with adventure ecotourism.


Pacheco was born in Sao Simao-SP and has been living at the Chapada dos Veadeiros since 1982. Is a conductor for more than 30 years. Graduated in the very first Chapada dos Veadeiros’ Conductors Training Course, is an instructor nowadays and has been decorated 2006 Best Tour Guide - 4 Rodas Brazil. Specialized in inhospitable-hard access places and very well versed in dealing with visitors.


Rafael comes from Salvador, Bahia, and has been around Chapada since 2014. Guides visitors for 5 years now. Specialized in Geology, History, Cerrado botany. Has experience in Ecotourism in the region and is a rescue team volunteer.

Rafael Teixeira

Rafael Teixeira - aka Rafinha - was born in Niteroi-RJ and has lived in the Sao Jorge Village since 1998. He was a founding member of SERVITUR Association in 2000 and specialized in animal observation, educational tourism, photography, and botany. Has guiding experiences in the Northeastern and Central Cerrado, Pantanal and Amazon.

More than a work team, we are a big family.

photo: Ion David
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