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Alto Paraiso de Goias

Located in the Northeast of the Goias States, the so-called Capital of the Chapada dos Veadeiros is the main entrance for visitors.

At first, the city was simply called Veadeiros, as a small district of Cavalcante County. In 1953, it was emancipated and became a county of itself.

Formed by a mix of many different “tribes”, Alto Paraiso de Goias is a very unique and special place. Its population ranges from Indigenous and Kalunga people, to miners, traditional and big farmers, to people who ran out of the big cities looking for an alternative, close to Nature, way of life.

Even though it is a fairly small town, people who live here can spend a life of opportunities. Participating in environmental discussions, going for a meditation in any of the local temples following the precepts of different lines and sorts of spiritual healers and gurus, or simply drop in a rave party are some of the examples of the various cultural tendencies inserted in this city. A true place where traditions meet the new.

Its economy is based on a wide range of farming, few miners, and a strong ecotourism structure. Alto Paraiso is very well equipped with unique lodges, bars, restaurants and diversified services. Making Ecotourism the activity that best distributes resources throughout the region, being responsible for the visible improvements and changes carried out in the past few years.

photo: Ion David

A little bit more about Alto Paraiso

Foundation: December 12th, 1953
Area: 2,593.8
Population: 7,688


Alto Paraiso: 1300m
Sao Jorge: 1000m
Moinho: 940m

Location: 47º 30’ 54” West Longitude; 14º 07’ 46” South Latitude


Sao Joao da Alianca: 70km
Colinas do Sul: 70km
Teresina de Goias: 70km
Cavalcante: 100km
Brasilia: 230km
Goiania: 420km
Belo Horizonte: 920km
Sao Paulo: 1250km
Rio de Janeiro: 1330km

How to get there

From Brasilia, head North on BR-020. Then follow onto the GO-118 North bound

Traditional Foods

Matula, Chicken Stew, Pequi dishes, Baru nuts and more

Image gallery

Alto Paraiso

São Jorge Village



São Joao d'Aliança

Teresina de Goias

Venha conhecer Alto Paraíso, ponto culminante do planalto central do Brasil, a 1200m de Altitude, a cidade Sede da Chapada dos Veadeiros.

photo: Ion David
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